What’s Up? Cody Townsend

cody_townsend2_400Could you tell us about your favorite ski trip of the season?

Pretty hard to lock down a true “favorite” trip of the season. It was a damn fun season on the west coast. Mainly it was a pretty diverse season which is what made it so fun. From camping and touring in Alaska with you guys to heli-skiing with my wife in BC, I got pretty dang lucky with how the season went.

Were there any funny traveling mishaps that happened this winter?

Oh there were plenty of mishaps this season that at the time weren’t that funny… but as time has passed, is actually pretty funny. You see, for some reason, my wife and I were quite the forgetful duo this year. Over and over, we’d get to the trailhead to go sled skiing and figure out that one essential item was back at the house. From small stuff like jackets and boots to the grand finale where we drove an hour up a bumpy dirt road, began unloading our sleds and then realized we left our skis at home. Both pairs of ‘em. We’re either both getting Alzheimer’s or we’re not taking our Gingko Biloba.

Your social media trip #chasingarumor not only looked like a lot of fun but also a great way to engage over social media. Do you have plans to do more trips like that, or is the idea to keep it spontaneous?

Media is changing so fast and so while a lot of pros are lamenting the rise of social media, I find it super liberating. I mean, for the #ChasingARumor project, essentially Josh Daiek and I got to go skiing without the burden of a production crew slowing down the process. All we did is go skiing, capture a few images ourselves and then share the story of the day directly with our fans. While it’s the kind of trip that won’t overtake bigger productions, it’s a really nice way of connecting with your fans directly while having a lot of fun along the way. I’ll definitely be doing more of it in the future.

Cody Townsend riding shotgun in the plane

The snow seems to be melting pretty quickly leading up to summer, are you still skiing or moving onto summer sports?

Oh I’m still skiing for sure. The High Sierra is in a really great melt-freeze cycle and the summer bug hasn’t quite caught me yet. So as of now, I’ll be skiing till the mountains don’t let me ski anymore.

It was really great to see that article about Arcade belts in the Wall Street Journal recently, can you tell us more about how that’s doing?

That WSJ was pretty monumentous for us. Sometimes when you have a small business it doesn’t quite feel like it’s real. So when I opened the page of the Wall Street Journal and saw a write up about our company, it suddenly set in that we’ve built a real successful business. Having gone from sewing belts in our living rooms to seeing Arcade Belts written up in the WSJ is pretty spectacular.

Any cool new belt designs that you can share with us right now?

New designs? Hmmm, I’d share them with ya, but then my co-workers might kill me. But I can say there is an entirely new belt design that is set to come out this fall and has been in the works for two years. It’s a true game-changer of a belt.

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