Summer Skiing with Noah Wallace

NOAHBack in April we invited a group of very talented park skiers to hit a very big and unique jump at Whistler. Among that group was Noah Wallace. Noah’s talents as a skier have him climbing up the ranks each year, and his advocacy for fun on the slopes is hard to match. Noah has been a coach for summer ski camps for the past 4 years. This summer he has been spending his time at Windells up on Mt. Hood, and Momentum ski camp at Whistler. Each camp is stacked with an awesome crew of coaches including; Khai Krepela, Reed Lewis, James Woods, Matt Margetts, Tom Wallisch, and many more.

Noah started giving us the inside scoop on how the camps have been going so far. “Everything was going pretty well until I cracked my collar bone on an S rail at Momentum. Before that though I was having a blast.” “Momentum has their park on point, and they had a really good flow through the rails and jumps. There was a lot of variety that you could hit that I was hyped on.”

Well, and the quarter pipe. Quarter pipes are always good. Haha

We tried to see if he would lean a certain way when it came to which camp was best, but it sounds like both are pretty damn fun. “They’re both really really good. I like Windells a lot because they have a rope tow that’s never really packed on the jump that you can just lap real quick. For flow, Momentum had a better flow for their park. Ultimately it’s a toss up, they’re both really good parks.” Despite his recent injury on the S rail Noah still claimed it was his favorite feature at Momentum. As far as Windells best feature it was a simple jump setup, “My favorite feature was this jump setup where they had a big jump and right next to it was this little jump. Just doing a transfer from the little jump to the landing of the big jump was my favorite thing to hit….Well, and the quarter pipe. Quarter pipes are always good. Haha”The set up

After learning about Noah’s summer park fun we wanted his take on the Whistler jump with our crew and fellow rippers Sean Jordan, Markus Eder, Evan McEachran, Russ Henshaw, Ole Pavel, and the legendary Eric Hjorleifson who was in a touring set up. “I can definitely say it was the biggest jump feature I’ve ever hit,” Noah says right off the bat. “Normally whenever I’ve done a park shoot it’s been one jump and then maybe a jump and a little feature on the side. I’ve never hit a jump where there’s so many jumps and everything is integrated into one thing, and it was sick, I loved it.”

I landed probably a meter before the landing and got rocked pretty hard, and I was seeing stars as well.

As with most shoots there are always ups and downs, and this one was no different for Noah Wallace but luckily the ups outweighed the downs. “My favorite moment was either getting the first good train going, or dropping in with the heli. Being able to film with the helicopter was amazing, and being able to get my trick I was so hyped on was sick.” On the other end Noah did have some troubles with the big butter pad. “My least favorite part, I think I was the only person to fall off the platform and/or get stuck on top of the platform. We were doing a massive train and I was doing a 180 onto the platform and for some reason my ski caught and just shot me right off the platform. I landed probably a meter before the landing and got rocked pretty hard, and I was seeing stars as well.”

It was also apparent that Noah was really hyped when Hoji surprised the crew and showed up to throw down. “It was inspiring, Hoji’s the man. He just showed up in his AT bindings and he was throwing down pretty hard. He was doing 7 blunts and 9 blunts and landing perfectly. It was really sick having him there because one of the first movies that I watched that got me into skiing was PUSH. When he was hitting the massive jump with Abma and Bushy and does the switch dub back, and then seeing him doing like the same thing… it was like damn he’s still got it!”

Each year Noahs’ rank on the leaderboards grow, and we wanted to know his plans for this winter. “I’m going to be doing a few of the World Cups and trying to stay busy on the AFP scheduled and trying to win a couple hopefully. I’m also working my way to get setup for the Olympic year.” We followed up asking where his favorite competition location is and he picked a sweet spot over in Europe. “Laax Switzerland, that place is amazing. It’s the only place I’ve skied in the world where you can get literally every kind of terrain in one run. You can hit jumps, you can get in a halfpipe, there’s a ton of rails, and even a little bit of backcountry and tree skiing if you want.”Noah Wallace With a Switch Backflip Off of The Butter Pad

To cap off our discussion with Noah we put him through a short lightning round about his “go to’s.”

Favorite snack on the hill?

Trail mix – extra m&m’s

Summer cooler beverage?

Mountain Cooler Capri Sun

Must have song while skiing?

Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar

Trick for the ladies?

Superman front flip and then give them a little point.