Powder Skiing with Tanner Rainville

Where did you find the best powder this season?

Well, skiing powder while filming is a bit different than just good ole skiing powder. There’s nothing better than storm days on a chairlift. That said, I had amazing days in January filming at Sentry lodge, but I’d have to say the most enjoyable powder day I had was Christmas day in Colorado. I was on my way to Ridgway, CO to meet up with the fam and it had just snowed like 50″ or something at Monarch and there was nobody there.

How did you like being up at Sentry Lodge to kickoff 2016?

 I don’t think there was a better place to be. I showed up midway through the trip and everyone had said it was good but needed some new snow to refresh things. Well, the snow didn’t seem to stop for the remainder of the trip and the pillow skiing was the best I’ve ever experienced. Being isolated in a backcountry lodge is my type of place, nothing else to do but ski your brains out. 


What were your favorite features up there?

The pillow zones around Sentry are insane, I couldn’t get enough.

It looked like you spent a lot of your winter in BC, but did you get any good days in closer to home?

Early season in Colorado was great, I hit Silverton mountain on one of the unguided weekends they do which is always fun. Breckenridge always seems to be cold and snowy so it’s easy to get good turns when I’m back home. 

We were bummed to hear about your late season injury, could you shed some light on what happened?

It was a perfect day in BC, it had been snowing for two days and then it went blue. We had already had a few amazing runs on the day and we had moved on to a line that had three natural airs in a row. The last air was a big natural roller we had stepped out and I was kinda messing around with the knuckle doing butters and what not. On my fourth go on the line I did a 180 on the bottom hit and just got bounced weird off the knuckle that time and fell into the pow and POP! I knew it was my ACL instantly. It was a small fall, I remember being really relaxed in the air because I was like; well whatever this isn’t going to hurt I’m just falling into pow, but then my knee just got twisted and that was that. 

What is the recovery process and timeframe on your knee looking like?

Luckily it’s just a clean ACL rupture, should be a simple fix and I’ll be back strong for next winter. The timing really couldn’t be better, I’ll have a solid 8 months of rehab before the filming season gets going.

What do you prefer, all time deep powder in Canada or big Alaskan spines?

Jeez, I don’t know…I prefer both!

If you are not skiing what’s your next favorite thing to do?

Fly fishing, gold panning, camping… just enjoying the great outdoors!.

Do you have any good funny stories to share from travels this year?

I went to Andorra at the end of January for Skiers Cup. The conditions were less than ideal so Parker White and myself decided to check out Barcelona. It ended up being 70 and sunny everyday so we bought skate decks and skated all over the city checking out famous skate spots. It was pretty wild to have a warm “vacation” in the middle of the winter. #tannerandparkersbarcelonavacation