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MSP Tech Hoodie

Did you just spill on the hoodie you are wearing? Bummer. That old cotton piece of garbage you just ruined wasn’t made for the daily rigors of life, the MSP Tech Hoodie is. Although not totally waterproof, the 80% polyester 20% cotton blend allows this hoodie to brush aside liquids with ease and punch wind right in the face. Warmth achieved.

This thing is boss. A simple design for the smartest thing you will ever own. What about the comfort level you ask? Well, we had an employee try one on, all that he could say was “Quite possibly the softest thing I’ve ever touched, and I’ve held multiple kittens.” WOW. Sure he’s a weird guy but hey kittens are crazy soft.

**Hoodies run a bit smaller so order a size up if you are in-between sizes.*

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MSP Tech Hoodie



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