Scott Gaffney on Sentry Lodge, BC

It’s game on here at Golden Alpine Holidays. As resident guru Eric Hjorleifson said following another banner day today,

Right now the snow is just about as good as it gets.”

Steady flurries and stable conditions have opened the playing field wide, and over the past several days we’ve witnessed blazing pillow lines, major hucks, faceshots and all kinds of trickery. Even Hoji has been inspired by the youngsters and reignited his freestyle game, often leaving his cohorts of Tanner Rainville, Sean Jordan and Sander Hadley hooting and hollering with amazement and stoke. As usual, Tanner has been on point, effortlessly and fluidly bouncing and spinning his way through pillows and boulder gardens. Sean Jordan is out of his urban skiing element and testing himself for the first time in this backcountry environment. I’m pretty sure he’s loving soft landings, because each day he goes bigger off a natural feature than he ever has before.

Sander has been mixing in his unique bag of creativity and skills as he toys with a seemingly endless supply of features.

It’s all smiles here at GAH, and it’s already obvious that we’re going to leave here in a few days with way too much footage. But that’s a good problem and something we’ll welcome on any trip!

-Scott Gaffney, Director