RUIN AND ROSE Athlete Edit – Sander, Sean, and Noah

This edit features three incredibly talented skiers, Noah Wallace, Sander Hadley, and Sean Jordan. Three similar skiers but each with their own unique playful style. Here are some words from each athlete about their trips.

While out in Whistler, we had 3 truly amazing days on that jump feature. The second day, with the helicopter following us into the feature, which (sorry to be cliché) was a dream come true. Ever since I started skiing, I’ve seen Matchstick Movies with the classic Whistler jump shoot, to be apart of that will always be a highlight for me. The final day of the shoot, we didn’t have the helicopter follow us, but were able to get a few more awesome train shots. One of the best shoots I’ve been apart of with insanely good weather, a solid crew, and a great experience overall.

-Noah Wallace

This past winter I got a chance to explore some terrain that was unfamiliar to me when MSP invited me to Golden Alpine Holidays in January. That was my first time being flown into a zone and strictly relying on skinning to ski. While it was challenging, coming from a street skiing background, it was one of the coolest trips I have been on and I learned a lot.  Next, we tried to hit Tahoe after a big March storm. I rode there with Sander Hadley from Utah, it rained, we built the Donner Pass road gap, hit it, and left. We had some big plans for the trip which got bagged so that was a bummer, but it was rad to finally be able to hit a legendary road gap. Then to wrap up the spring, MSP did their classic Whistler shoot. The multi option feature that was built was definitely one of the more impressive features I have seen/skied. We had a rad crew of some diverse skiers and luckily got to shoot some cool stuff with Steve Winter and the heli. Bushy even flew the plane over the shoot and parachuted us a beer. Great way to wrap up the season.

– Sean Jordan

Filming with MSP last year was a great experience. I got the chance to get on a 22 day long trip with an all star crew to Golden Alpine Holidays up in BC. Watching master jedis, Hoji, Markus Eder, Tanner Rainville and Michelle Parker in the pillows was mind blowing. Sean Jordan and I were just getting our feet wet out there. I learned a lot from everyone, it was a great crew. I felt much more confident going into the second trip of the year in Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately that trip got drowned out with the warm temperatures that followed the dump we chased out there. I did get one road gap shot I am hyped on though! I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with MSP films and hope to do it again this winter!

– Sander Hadley