RUIN AND ROSE Athlete Edit – Michelle

Michelle’s season may have been cut short due to an unfortunate knee injury, but she still amassed a bunch of great footage for RUIN AND ROSE before that. Enjoy her athlete edit full of Canadian powder, and read what got Michelle fired up for her trip to Golden Alpine Holidays below.

This year was short and sweet…it all centered around chasing Hoji up the mountain. I found out that I was heading to the Golden Alpine Holiday lodge with Hoji and crew and immediately started training. I pulled weighted sleds up hill and channeled my inner snow leopard for the months of November and December. My Tahoe posse kept me on my toes and we hiked mountains every single day leading up to my departure to Canada. I felt strong, stronger than I have. I stopped in Oregon, at Crater Lake for a nice new years eve pit stop before crossing the boarder the next day. Took my sled out for a late night adventure to pitch a tent in an effort to seek shelter from the howling wind and sub zero temperatures. My sled broke down and my tent nearly blew into the lake off the ridge, but I made it to Canada alive and even stronger, ready for the ultimate race that Hoji didn’t even know he was participating in. Every day we would film, hike and ski non-stop, and when the filming was over Hoji and I would take a free lap. I was right on his tails not loosing sight, not once, not ever. Finally, maybe a week and a half into the trip, he looked back and said, “Michelle, I’ve been trying to get you off my tails, but you are really strong this year!” I basked in all the glory, knowing that this was the true highlight of the season. This moment when Hoji gave me a complement and he couldn’t quite ditch me in the mountains…that is what I had been training for. So I’m glad that there was that because as fate would have it within days of the season really getting rolling, on January 14th, I blew my knee. See ya later ACL and meniscus. The ball was rolling and I was skiing and hiking fast, feeling good on my feet, smile on my face. Then it all came to a screeching halt when I landed at the hospital in a town with no one I knew. I took a cab to a hotel where I stayed a couple of nights until I mustered up the courage to drive myself home. The whole 20 hour drive, with my broken snowmobile and broken knee, took three painful days. So there you have it. My season was short and bitter sweet, but I did accomplish my goal of keeping up with Hoji. It was short, but it was also amazing.

– Michelle