RUIN AND ROSE Athlete Edit – Abma

Mark Abma has a connection with the mountains that is incredible to see. You see it in the way he approaches skiing big lines, and you definitely hear it when he talks. It’s what makes him one of the greatest all time skiers. Abma traveled to Europe, Revelstoke, and Alaska to film for RUIN AND ROSE, and this edit is full of steep lines and deep soft powder. We hope you enjoy watching the best action from Mark’s stellar season, and here are some words from him recapping the season.

Some people have asked me what my best trip was from last year.  Between traveling around Europe, heli skiing in Revelstoke with Selkirk Tangiers, and camping in Alaska, I can’t say that one trip was better than another.  Every trip offered up the simple formula for a good time…great snow, exploring new zones, learning something new, and a kick ass crew.  As long as this formula is there, I’m a happy camper.   This little edit is a short representation of a few memorable trips and a rad winter.

Thanks- Abma