Drop Everything: Full Michelle Parker Segment

“2017 will forever be a stand out year for me. While I was coming off a couple of knee surgeries and had a late start to my filming season, I regained that confidence in my body and felt the ultimate freedom being back on my skis. March marked the start for me and after a full 6 days of filming, I wasn’t sure how many shots I actually got. Sitting in the audience at the world premier and watching the movie come to life was deeply rewarding and I felt a personal sense of accomplishment in being able to return to something that I love so deeply. That makes me wonder, what is it about skiing that makes me feel so complete? I think the answer to that question is the simple act of being in the mountains is enormously fulfilling. Surrounded by jagged peaks that reach to the sky away from the distractions of every day life, I find peace within myself. It is out there, in the wild, that life becomes simple. Being present becomes natural, especially while making turns with your friends on a pow day.”



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