Men’s Journal profiles MSP

It’s not every day that the writers at Men’s Journal cover ski movies – let alone the production companies behind them – so we’re happy to share this new piece with you from their latest issue.  Enjoy!

“In the ski-movie business, one or two days of perfect conditions combined with the right talent can make an entire year. So in Portillo, Chile, on the morning of August 27, 1997, filmmaker Steve Winter jumped on a helicopter, buzzing with adrenaline. The snow was deep and the sun blazed as he sat next to photographer T.R. Youngstrom and Seth Morrison, the hottest big-mountain skier in the world. By 9 a.m., the chopper was cutting through the air at 13,500 feet. As they flew between summits, the pilot banked into a turn and miscalculated his air speed. Badly. The chopper careened downward and slammed into the mountainside…”

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