Talking the Whistler jump with Markus Eder


Could you tell us a bit about the Whistler jump?

When me and Russ showed up a few days before the shoot I didn’t believe that this thing would ever work out. Then when I saw the finished version on the test day it still looked crazy. It was hard to tell how much speed it would take to get on top of the butter box. We didn’t want to come up short or crash on top of it. We also didn’t want to fall off the edge. There were many doubts going through our minds but Evan finally checked it in. After some reshaping the following day, the jump session went off!

How did Hoji get involved?

After the Heli trip with him in Revy we drove back to Whistler together and I got to stay at his house. We talked about all the epic Whistler Park segments from the past and his legendary first hit on that massive booter from “Seven Sunny Days” back in 2007, so he got teased up a bit. After that I just kept trying to convince him to come up and session it with us but I never got a clear answer. On the first evening we were all up there for hours ready to check the thing in when he finally showed up in his touring gear. He had skinned up the slope and was ready to get some airtime. It didn’t look like his last park shoot was 7 or 8 years ago! Soo rad!

Markus grabbing Bushy's present from above...we also captured a Yeti on camera


Did you know that Rory Bushfield was going to be parachuting down a beer, or did you just happen to catch it?

When he flew over, everybody was kind of expecting a “classic Bushy move“ so we were all excited to see what it was going to be. Then he dropped something. There was no way to tell it was a beer till it came closer and I just started running after it randomly, but unfortunately I missed the catch by a few meters. Leave it to Bushy to make the day better for everybody. So epic!

What is your favorite food in America/Canada?

Yeah well… Food is a tricky thing in North America especially being used to Italian and Austrian food. But banana bread blows my mind. I’ll import it to Europe and make millions!!

You’ve been on just about every trip this season filming, which one stands out the most and why?

Every one of the trips was one for the books this year but the Sentry Lodge hiking trip was probably my favorite. Because of the fact that we got skunked on every single trip last year while filming for “Fade to Winter.“ It was so good to finally have everything work out. The snow conditions, stability, weather, the crew and the vibe were all perfect. On top of that it was awesome to stack good shots in January as I usually have always started filming in April after the comp season. But having a good base of shots in the early season is a big relief and allowed us to go for quality, not quantity on the upcoming trips.

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