Hopping Trains with Mark Abma

How was it skiing with the Euro crew of Markus Eder, Bene Mayr, and Fabio Studer?

Skiing around the Alps with the Euro crew was all time. These guys are all multifaceted skiers; FWT competitors, jibbers, jumpers. No matter the situation, these guys are able to throw down.

Have you spent much time skiing in Europe? Had you been to any of these locations before?

 I can’t say that I’ve spent a lot of time skiing in Europe. Every resort we went to was bigger than anything I’ve seen in North America. There are lifts, trams and gondolas for as far the eye could see. I’ve been to Zermatt before to ski on the glacier in the fall, so it was really cool to experience the skiing there during a deep winter storm. Beyond Zermatt, every resort was new to me. The scale of the resorts in Europe still blows me away. It made me realize that I need to spend a lot more time travelling and exploring what the Alps have to offer. 


Did you or the crew have any trouble traveling around the Alps?

More often than not, most of our travels went quite smooth. Fabio ended up taking a major detour and spending a night in his car because his GPS directed him to a pass that was only accessible during the summer time.
Ben and I were taking a train from Zermatt to Les Arcs when we realized 2 hrs into our train ride that our train was going to Les Arcs in the South of France as opposed to the Les Arcs in the Alps. Luckily we were able to get off the train and catch a train that brought us back to the Alps. We literally had 5 min to get new tickets and get on the last train of the day, which is easier said than done when running around a train station with ski and camera gear.

Where was your favorite location on this trip?

Arlberg was definitely my favourite location. We were only scratching at the surface of what this region has to offer and we saw terrain that would keep us more than occupied for an entire season. We definitely left Europe with an ever growing hit list. 

It looked like there was some urban sessions that went down, what sparked that decision? Did you partake?

We had a couple days where the snow and weather weren’t great for skiing on the resort. On these days we followed Bene Mayr to some of his jib stashes in the Arlberg region. I watched some of the sessions go down and took part in another session. Ha, I didn’t think I would need my jib skis on that trip.

Could you tell us about the day filming on the Alaska-like spines in Austria?

We woke up one morning to blue bird, so we went into the alpine to ski some lines. While I was hiking on a ridge to get in place for a line, I noticed a little slice of paradise on the backside. I notified the boys that we should relocate to this other zone and shortly thereafter we were dropping into some mini golf that had an AK resemblance. It was quite the juxtaposition going from jibbing dumpsters one day to skiing technical lines the next.