Mark Abma – ALL IN – Full Segment

This year I spent quite a bit of time in the dome with long time friend Chris Turpin. It was here that we took to appreciating a simpler and slower way of living. We used the wood stove to keep warm and cook our food. The location is perfect and just a stones throw away from camp is the spa at the Bralorne Adventure lodge. The nearby creek feeds the cold pool and fills up the wood fired hot-tub with fresh water. Rotation between the sauna, cold pool and hot tub are an all-time way to recover and chill-out after long days shredding. Bralorne, B.C. is a hub for a multitude of ski zones, so we spent our days exploring and becoming familiar with the region. Life in Bralorne is a simpler one without the distractions of modern day society. It is here that I find a perfect space to appreciate life.


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