Japan 2015 Part 2

The buzzword in the industry this year has been Japow. Pretty much every film crew in the ski industry has made the trek to find the elusive powder. MSP is now in the land of the rising sun with Michelle Parker, James Heim, and Mark Abma. We all know that this crew is incredibly talented in front of the lens but behind the lens this year we are also building an all-star team. Jason Ebelheiser has been with MSP for several years now and joining him on this shoot is Ben Sturgulewski, who produces “The Shadow Campaign” series for DPS Skis and has written and filmed some of Sweetgrass Productions most popular film parts. Together Jason and Ben are sure to bring you cinematic bliss from Japan. Here are a few screen grabs from their first day of shooting action in Kiroro.

Mark Abma

Michelle Parker

James Heim

Michelle Parker & Mark Abma