Frame grab Friday – 4th edition

In this latest installment of “Frame grab Friday,” we’re focusing on some downtime highlights from the season.  There’s a lot that takes place in between all of the epic action shots, so today we’re showcasing some of the highs (and lows) of our travels and off-slope activities.  See below for some candid moments with James Heim, Aaron Blunck, Sean Jordan, and others!  And don’t forget… these are screengrabs pulled directly from our latest footage, so expect to see a lot more of this in our upcoming feature film coming this fall!

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Ahh, yes… our trusty Italian rental van.  She served us well, and she was the source of many good stories from our Italy trip with Bobby Brown, Sean Jordan, and Markus Eder.  There was the time we ripped the front bumper off, and then there was the time it was filled with confetti during a local street festival.  Here, Sean Jordan kills time with some roadside novelty toys while waiting for roadside assistance (after we accidentally filled the tank with gasoline instead of diesel).


By North American standards, certain Japanese delicacies can be unusual, to say the least.  Here, Canadians Mark Abma and James Heim challenge each other to sample some vending machine cuisine in between pow laps.

Being as rich in culture as the region is, local traditions and festivals abound.  Heimer took in the sights during Kiroro’s annual snow festival which features incredibly detailed snow sculptures, creative lighting, and an impressive fireworks display.


Upon arriving in Iceland, our crew arrived to rainy weather.  No strangers to long travel days, they took the opportunity to decompress from jet lag with a soak in one of the local thermal pools.  But what happens when you throw a crew of world-class, highly competitive athletes together in a pool with a ball?  A fierce game of 500 between Tanner Rainville, PK Hunder, Bobby Brown, and Markus Eder, that’s what.

Exploring the Iceland countryside by horseback allows visitors to see remote parts of the island nation that few have access to.  Here, PK does his best Norwegian horse whisperer impression, providing ample entertainment to the rest of the crew.

Japan isn’t the only place with unusual food offerings.  Icelandic cuisine is known to offer everything from boiled sheep’s head to ram’s testicles.  Aaron Blunck, clearly displeased with his appetizer, made a prompt exit from the dining room after this shot (presumably to make room for the main course).