Frame grab Friday – 2nd edition

This week, we’re taking the opportunity to point the spotlight on a few of the athletes who kept us on our toes this winter with strong and stylish skiing.  Frame grab Friday is proud to bring you a closer look at Markus Eder, Aaron Blunck, and Tanner Rainville – three guys who are relatively fresh to the MSP program, but we couldn’t imagine working without them.

Remember, these are frame grabs pulled straight from the footage for our latest film.  And as you can see, there’s plenty to look forward to!  Check back every week for more installments of Frame grab Friday!


In February, Markus was about to line up his first shot of the year when a test jump went awry and he dislocated his shoulder.  Hoping to salvage something of his season, he pushed surgery back to June and was able to recover in time to shoot in Alaska, the Dolomites of Italy, and Iceland.  The base of a former lift terminal that was destroyed in an avalanche, this wall ride is just above the Rifugio Pian dei Fiaconni at the top of Italy’s funky Passo Fedaia ski area.  Markus, taking urban to the backcountry.


Halfpipe phenom Aaron Blunck was focused on proving himself outside the stunt ditch this past winter.  He joined Bobby Brown for MSP’s late-March trip to the East Coast and also ventured to Iceland with Eleven Experience in May.  Here he boosts Loon’s public park hip jump, while also turning a rainy downday in Siglufjordur, Iceland into frigid but good times.


His last MSP appearance may have been in Yearbook (2004), but Tanner Rainville is an OG and was back on the MSP program this past winter, having diversified his game over the past decade.  In Haines, Alaska and Iceland, Tanner oozed style with both his freestyle repertoire and big mountain flow.