Frame grab Friday – 1st edition

We’re excited to bring a new feature to – a little something we’re calling “Frame grab Friday,” where we bring you images pulled directly from our latest footage.  These are literally shots-of-the-shots from our upcoming ski film (more news coming soon on that)!  Check back every Friday for new sneak peeks of all your favorite athletes!


When you go on exotic trips, you have visions of perfection and killing it.  Then you get there and maybe it’s not so perfect. Do you sit and complain or do you roll with it?  These are Markus Eder’s first turns of the trip on what we called “The Dirty Strips” just above town in Siglufjordur, Iceland.  In typical Markus fashion, he was beaming at the bottom, laughing, “That was fun!” Sure enough, he and Tanner Rainville hiked up for more.


With record snows pummeling the East, MSP made its second-ever trip to the right coast in March.  We spent a couple of days at fabled Mad River Glen where three teenage rippers gave Bobby Brown a tour of their home mountain.  Here, while Bobby watches on, Carson Barbour demonstrates his affinity for baseball by sliding into home.


You’ll often hear pro skiers laugh and say that in Alaska, sometimes getting to their line is the scariest part.  Only they aren’t joking.  Thanks to his Sony Action Cam, Tanner Rainville shows us what it’s like living on the edge as he traverses to just another drop-in point in the Chilkat Mountains outside of Haines.