“DROP EVERYTHING” trailer launch



CRESTED BUTTE, CO (July 11, 2017) – The winter of 2017 provided the team at Matchstick Productions with a clean slate and an opportunity to get back to their roots. As illustrated by the new trailer for DROP EVERYTHING, that shift in thinking meant that everyone involved had the time of their lives making this new ski film. The action packed preview for DROP EVERYTHING is available to watch now at SkiMovie.com – and if the trailer is any indication, the full-length movie promises viewers a fun-filled ride through the world of freeskiing.

DROP EVERYTHING is the brainchild of veteran director Scott Gaffney, the man behind THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT McCONKEY and other Matchstick classics. “As a film company, it seems we’ve been working to impress viewers in so many different ways – moving stories, elaborate cinematography, and cutting-edge editing techniques. We’ve been after the ‘wow’ factor,” says Gaffney. “But as we focused on all of that, I feel that one of the most critical elements got lost in the mix: fun. And that’s what skiing is all about, right? With DROP EVERYTHING, I want to put entertainment at the forefront. I want people walking away from our ski movie smiling, laughing, and feeling like they can’t wait to click into their skis again.” Gaffney goes on to say that he, as a ski movie viewer and enthusiast himself, wants an action packed movie that features the athletes as superstars. “So we’re going back to a bit of an old school style: personal skier segments, a whole lot of character and personality, several elaborate skits, and quick hitting comedy. Simply put, I want to deliver a rollercoaster ride that no one wants to get off of.”

Audiences can expect unparalleled performances from many of the top skiers in the world. DROP EVERYTHING features Mark Abma, Markus Eder, Eric Hjorleifson, Michelle Parker, Sammy Carlson, Cody Townsend, Elyse Saugstad, Tanner Rainville, Chris Rubens, Aaron Blunck, Sander Hadley, Connery Lundin, and more. The next-level action was captured in world-class destinations including Meadow Lodge BC, Lake Tahoe CA, Whistler BC, Crested Butte CO, Revelstoke BC, and Silverton CO.

Always on the leading edge of camera technologies, Matchstick Productions filmed the entire movie in 6K ultra high-definition. According to Matchstick co-founders Steve Winter and Murray Wais, the difference will shatter viewers’ expectations. “Pricing of UHD TVs and other devices has come down while streaming bandwidth has simultaneously improved, meaning it’s easier than ever to access ultra HD content,” says Wais. Winter adds, “This will easily be the best-looking film we’ve ever released. Vivid colors, precise picture detail, and rich audio will make this a very memorable viewing experience.”

DROP EVERYTHING is presented by Under Armour with support from Avery Brewing Company, Freeskier Magazine, and a host of industry partners. The film will debut on September 14th at the world-famous Paramount Theatre in Denver, CO before setting out on a global film tour. For more information about DROP EVERYTHING tour dates and locations – as well as details on subsequent digital/home video availability – please visit SkiMovie.com.


Matchstick Productions is the leader in action sport filmmaking. The team at MSP works with the best athletes in the world in exotic locations to capture compelling action and adventure imagery. Their ultra-progressive camera techniques, editing, and production value have earned them many prestigious awards, including Emmy nominations in 2007, 2008, and 2014 as well as an unprecedented eight “Movie of the Year” honors.

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