Behind the Scenes – Italy Trip 2

MSP camera guru Scott Gaffney and Markus Eder headed to Passo Fedaia, part of the Marmolada ski area in the Dolomites for some fun. One huge jump, some questionable snow conditions, and a one-of-a-kind chairlift made for an interesting trip.

From Scott Gaffney:

The people there were awesome but unfortunately, the snow was a mix of slop and crust. Of course, we had a jump there so it didn’t matter. Marco Margoni, the guy who does everything for Passo Fedaia (from ticket seller to lift mechanic to electrician), got his cat and groomed the in-run and landing and we were good to go.

Markus was joined in hitting the jump by his Italian team coach, Valentino Mori, and a hilarious and talented Italian kid named Denis Battisti. He killed the wallride.

Spring in the Dolomites

Still winter as we pull up to Passo Fedaia

Rifigo Pain dei Fiacconi

Markus Eder riding some wall

Denis Battisti hitting some wall

Markus sending it

Markus Eder

Valentino Mori

Italian sunset

The basket chairs

Oh hey Markus!