Behind the scenes – Iceland part 3

There’s not a whole lot to say about these photos that you can’t figure out for yourself, so we’re going to keep the description short and let the photos do the talking!  Needless to say, our crew is having an absolute blast in Iceland!

If you missed the first two galleries from this trip, never fear!  There’s lots more to see in Gallery 1 and Gallery 2!

Blunck goes for the hole-in-one...

...and spots his landings like a true pro

First glimpse of the high alpine was VERY promising

Aaron & Bob get their first look at the peaks from above

Rainville has his first go at the jump

Blunck, putting his landing-scope senses to good use

Gaffney offers his 2 cents while PK and Markus look on

PK demonstrates proper hand drag technique over the tunnel

Blunck, tail press

Markus, opting to air the whole thing

Rainville, nose press

Bob, two hands, fully inverted

The boys put on a show for the busload of local kids who stopped by - PK with a classic crowd pleasing backflip

Bob & PK even took a few minutes to make this kid's day

Bob & Aaron with an impressive display of teamwork

Markus, take 1 on the waterfall

Blunck, take 2 on the waterfall

Some Arctic sea kayaking as a downtime activity - no big deal

Getting the overhead drone angle is SOOO hot right now