Behind the scenes – Iceland part 2

From Scott Gaffney, reporting live in the field for MSP NEWS: “The posse of Bobby Brown, Markus Eder, Tanner Rainville, Pk Hunder, and Aaron Blunck were invited by Eleven Experience to the northern coast on the Troll Peninsula in the small village of Siglufjordur. It’s low tide (isn’t that the story of the season?) and it rained/snowed to the top heavily for the first two days, but we’re opening our eyes to all kinds of possibilities and having a killer time. The mountains plunge directly to the sea here, although with the thin cover, skiing to the ocean isn’t an option this year. But the higher peaks which push 3,000′ are still holding, and our first day our we found a double jump spot where we built a booter over a rock band and that fed directly into a funky butter table feature that led to some pretty sweet trickery.

From there we’ve been grinding road tunnels, leaping waterfalls, slashing dirty strips, being serenaded by elementary students, sea kayaking, and all kinds of good stuff. In other words, good times here!”

Midnight in Siglufjordur

12:12am in Siglufjordur

Dramatic sea to sky views in every direction

The first flight in the heli wasn't a bad one

Despite snow that was far from perfect, this double jump session went off

12:15am time lapse

Post-waterfall shred

Roadside attraction

Siglufjordur sunrise... at 3:30am