Behind the scenes – Haines, AK part 3

They say “everything’s bigger in Texas” but the same could be easily be said for Alaska (it is twice as big as the lone star state, after all).  Our crew is now in the middle of an Alaska-sized weather hold, going into day five of downtime and hoping for clear skies.  In the meantime, here’s another look at what they’ve been up to…

Team meeting on the ferry.

'Merica behind, 'Merican side of Canada ahead.

Markus Eder with an appropriate reaction upon arrival at Funny Farm AK.

First day out in the heli couldn't have been nicer.

Everything's bigger out here...

...even the camera lenses.

Markus, giddy to get on top of some spines.

Options for days.

Triple-checking the Cineflex setup.

Firing up the bird for another lap.