The Backyard Sessions – Tahoe

It’s no secret that northern California has seen one hell of a winter for snowfall. For a while there it seemed like every morning that you would hear of a new massive dumping of snow in either Mammoth or Squaw. Well, after one of these storm cycles had a chance to settle a crew of locals, and one European, took advantage and went to play in their backyard. Cody Townsend, Elyse Saugstad, Michelle Parker, and Markus Eder experienced conditions in the backcountry that seemed to be all but forgotten due to a string of years with mediocre snow totals. For an entire week this elite team of skiers rose before the crack of dawn with cinematographer Scott Gaffney and photographer Jeff Cricco to score some truly epic conditions. Thanks to photos provided by Cody and Jeff we are able to share some of the action with you.