Angel Collinson – ALL IN – Full Segment

Here it is Folks. The full Angel Collinson Segment from ALL IN. Be sure to check out the entire movie on iTunes or Disc. Here

Matchstick had never shot with Angel Collinson. She had lived her entire life in Little Cottonwood Canyon, so what better place to make her feel comfortable with a new team than her home mountain of Snowbird? When going to a ski area for a select period of time, you never know what you’re going to get as far as snow conditions or weather. So we didn’t want to make this shoot all about Angel getting a sick as possible. She mentioned that if her brother, John Collinson, isn’t around, she most often rallies around the mountain solo. Skiing is a sport in which we can really lose ourselves in what we’re doing, particularly when we’re alone. So we thought it would be interesting to hear this lone wolf mentality. What is going through the head of one of the sickest skiers in the world while she’s out there ripping by herself? We knew through reading some of her writing that she possessed a special way with words, so we asked her to let her mind wander and pen those thoughts. In the end, aside from her simply and confidently ripping and launching and laughing, she poetically captured what skiing means to her (and so many of us) with words, and we think it all melded quite beautifully. – Scott Gaffney

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