MSP at Sentry Lodge, BC

MSP’s first trip of 2016 is underway at Golden Alpine Holidays‘ Sentry Lodge in British Columbia.  Michelle Parker, Sander Hadley, and Markus Eder joined the Sentry Sensei, Eric Hjorliefson, for 12 days of shredding deep in the backcountry at the remote five-star lodge.  Enjoy this first set of photos from the trip, and be sure to check out Michelle’s takeover of MSP’s Instagram account for more images live from the field!

Sentry 1

Loading up the ride to the lodge

Sentry 3

Sander enjoying the views

Sentry 6

The drop off is complete

Sentry 4

Michelle Parker

Sentry 5

Sander, Markus, and Michelle

Sentry 7

MSP hunting for the perfect light

Sentry 8

What a view

Sentry 2

Sander Hadley messing around


Hoji doing his thing in pillow land.


Markus Eder joins in on the pillow fun too


Sander has been spending most of his time in the air